Hubli-Dharwad Pyramid Meditation Centre, Hubli (Karnataka)
Buddha Pyramid - Bali - Ubud - Indonesia
Sangamitra Pyramid - Singareni, Khammam Dist. (Telangana)
Agasthya Pyramid - Anantapur town (A.P.)
Maa Vipassa Pyramid - Jharsguda - Odisha
Pyramid Healing Gardens - Indore
Ramanagara Pyramid - Ramanagara - Karnataka
Swamitva Pyramid - Bijapur - Karnataka
Pyramid Organic Fields - Loavarakhandi - Vijayanagaram Dist - (A.P.)
Atma Sagar - Pyramid - Machilipatnam - Krishna District (A.P.)
Rama Pyramid - Suggenahalli - Bellary District - (Karnataka)
Jagadamba Pyramid Home - Amangal - Nagarkurnool District (Telangana)
Mahaveer Pyramid - Raipur City (Chhattisgarh)
Maitreya Buddha Pyramid - Kebbedoddi, Harohalli near Bengaluru
MahaNandeeshwara Pyramid - Nandyala - Kurnool District (A.P.)
Vishwakanthi Pyramid - Madugula - Visakhapatnam District (A.P.)
Sadananda Yogi Pyramid - Bellary Town (Karnataka)
Krishna Pyramid - Krishnapuram - Kurnool District (A.P.)
Guru Raghavendra Pyramid - Yemmiganur - Kurnool District (A.P.)
Gangotri Pyramid - Lakhni - Bhandara District (Maharashtra)
Vishweshwara Pyramid - Kodumuru - Kurnool District (A.P.)
SadaShiva Pyramid - Coimbatore City (TamilNadu)
Neelakantha Pyramid - Narwa - Mahabubnagar District (Telangana)
Mahaveer Tapati Dhyan Peeth - Betul (M.P.)
Om Sanjeevini Pyramid - Ongole Town (A.P.)
Omkareshwara Asthadasha Pyramids - "Omkarapuri", Brahmanapalli near Achchampet - Nagarkurnool District (Telangana)
Krishna Yoga Pyramid - Palamaneru - Chittoor District (A.P.)
Brahmeshwara Pyramid - Veldurthi - Kurnool District (A.P.)
Maheshwara Maha Pyramid - Kadthal - Ranga Reddy District (Telangana)
Mahayogini Lakshmamma Pyramid - Adoni - Kurnool District (A.P.)
Gowri Subhadra Pyramid - Jangareddygudem - West Godavari District (A.P.)
Divya Dharma Pyramid - Dharmavaram - Anantapur District (A.P.)
Krishna Goshala Pyramids -Martur - Prakasam District (A.P.)
Manasasarovar Pyramid - Tadepalli - Guntur District (A.P.)
Lobsang Rampa Pyramid - Uravakonda - Anantapur District (A.P.)
Pavanaputra Pyramid - Guntakal - Anantapur District (A.P.)
Maitri Buddha Pyramid - Sangala - Kurnool District (A.P.)
Kamadhenu Pyramid - Kotala - near Kalikiri Town - Chittoor District (A.P.)
Prakruthi Valley - near Araku - Visakhapatnam District (A.P.)
Sanjeevini Pyramid - Tirupati Town - Chittoor District (A.P.)
Dharma Raksha Pyramid - Visakhapatnam Central Jail (A.P.)
Savitri Devi Pyramid - Bodhan - Nizamabad District (Telangana)
Lakshmi Jagannatha Gattu Pyramid - Kurnool Town (A.P.)
Swami Vivekanand Pyramid - Ludhiana City (Punjab)
Maharshi Valmiki Pyramid - Warangal Central Jail (Telanagana)
Veera Brahmendra Pyramid - Bethamcherla - Kurnool District (A.P.)
Dev Jyoti Pyramid - Mulund - Mumbai
Vaitarini Pyramid - Saphale near Thane (Maharashtra)
Ramana Maharshi Pyramid - Gudiwada - Krishna District (A.P.)
Datta Kshetram - Chirala - Prakasam District (A.P.)
Govind Sai Pyramid - Bhandara Town (Maharashtra)
Buddha Pyramid - Kurnool Town (A.P.)

Video on ‘Science of Pyramids’


A Pyramid is a structure or construction or monument with the square as the base and four triangular sloping sides meeting at a common point on the vertex at the apex. Each triangular sloping face is an isosceles triangle, with the two sloping sides being equal. The length of the equal sides are all equal and are similar to each other and of equal area. The name comes from the Greek word “pyramis”.



Pyramids represent the very best of sacred geometry coming from ancient times. Pyramid consists of four faces with an accurate or ‘golden angle of inclination’ at 51° 51’ 51″. Read More…


Quick healing | Increased Immunity
Healthier Water | Memory Power |
Uniform Distribution of Energy |
Reduction in Negative Thoughts |
Increased Productivity. Read More…


Meditation done inside or underneath a Pyramid is called ‘Pyramid Meditation’. Pyramid Meditation is thrice more powerful compared to Meditation done otherwise. Read More…

Brahmarshi Patriji realized the power of Meditation through his own profound experiences early in his life, in his thirties, and attained enlightenment in the year 1979. Ever since, he made as his life mission .. the objective of teaching and promoting Meditation and Vegetarianism to people all over the world. His approach is .. scientific and secular .. without invoking any religious symbolism. Patriji’s dream is to create ‘Pyramid Bharat’ by the year 2020 and ‘Pyramid Jagat’ by the year 2024.




Frequently Asked Questions…

What is the science behind pyramids? How are they connected to spirituality?

All geometric structures due to their closed sides are storehouses of energy. A geometrically symmetrical structure has more inherent energy than an asymmetrical structure. A Pyramid, with its apex being the central singular point for receiving the energy, becomes the most symmetrical of all structures with the maximum capacity to receive energy. Hence, they are called the ‘storehouses of energy’.

The pulsating life-force in all matter, in physical and non-physical form, is energy. Pyramids are catalysts that enhance this energy. And by the enhancing this vital force, they enable us to be more connected with ourselves, i.e. our inherent energy

Why is it the ideal angle for constructing a Pyramid?

Earth, also being a pulsating life force, collects the energy force across its’ axis, which is titled at an angle of 51° 51′ 51″. Pyramids constructed at this angle are able to receive the maximum energy, in comparison to other structures.

Should pyramids caps, eye and knee pyramids only be used during meditation?

Pyramids can be used at all times. They need not be restricted for use only during meditation.

What happens when meditation is done under or inside a pyramid?

When we meditate inside a Pyramid, meditative state can be achieved three times faster than normal as we have access to the abundant cosmic energy by the virtue of its angle and symmetrical structure.

What is King's chamber inside a pyramid?

The focal point where maximum energy is received inside a pyramid is where the king’s chamber is situated. It is at the center of the Pyramid, at 1/3rd the height from its base.

What material should be used to construct a Pyramid?

It is the ‘golden angle of inclination’ of 51° 51′ 51″ that matters not the material that is used to construct a Pyramid.

What is the ideal angle for constructing a Pyramid?

A square-base pyramid with an angle of inclination of 51° 51′ 51″ is the ideal angle for constructing a pyramid.

Why are crystals placed at the Apex of the Pyramid?

Crystals placed at the apex of pyramid multiply and distribute the cosmic energy across the Pyramid.

What are the benefits of using Pyramids?

We can use Pyramids in our everyday life to 

help us in the following ways :

Healing : by using eye pyramids, pyramid caps and knee pyramids, one can get relief from bodily ailments

Preservation : we can increase the life span of fruits, vegetables and other objects used on  daily basis

Higher concentration levels for students when they study under/inside a pyramid

Deeper meditative states