Introduction :

A strange ancient monument known as the Falicon pyramid is located at a rural site near the town of Falicon, near Nice on the French Riviera, It’s one of a few pyramids in Europe. Mysterious ancient equilateral structure – perched on a rocky ridge in an area of rugged gorges, forests and hills – has the same name as a very ancient village, located only two kilometres from the pyramid. Falicon Pyramid has a complex and rather mysterious history.

History :

The pyramid – located above a karstic cave known as the “Cave of the Bats” (Grotto of Ratapignata ) on the eastern flank of the ridge – is constructed of small irregularly-shaped stones and is in rather ruined condition.

It is a place, where “time stands still” giving the impression to be totally isolated from “civilization” pulsating just about 10 km from the center of Nice. Beneath very old houses, there is a network of arched prehistoric tunnels.

The pyramid’s purpose and origins are unknown, although it has been suggested that it may have been constructed by Roman legionaries involved in Egyptian cult practices. But more recent research has shown that the pyramid has actually been built between 1803 and 1812.

Geometry :

Originally, the pyramid was equilateral and approximately 30 feet tall. Today, the sides of the pyramid are unequal probably due to its unusual location on a steep slope and its summit does not exist.
The structure’s lower part is in good condition and “invites” to further research through the door 2.50 m high, that opens showing a dark and approximately 15 meters deep “throat”.

Eastern side of the pyramid has a doorway, eight feet wide and decorated with a carving depicting the oldest and sacred symbols of this planet – Swastika Symbol. The symbol was either destroyed or removed in 1921. Directly above the pyramid’s entrance, there was also an unknown ancient inscription, undecipherable already in 1901, which can no longer be brought to light.

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