Introduction :

Güímar is a town in the south of Tenerife and it is the location where six of the pyramids are to be found. They are safely housed today in the Ethnographic Park , which was set up by the explorer Thor Heyerdahl , with the financial backing of shipping magnate Fred Olsen.

History :

Heyerdahl first heard about the pyramids in 1990 when he read an article by Francisco Padrón in the Tenerife newspaper “Diario de Avisos.”  He ended up going to the island to see the pyramids for himself, and was so impressed that he set up home in Güímar where he lived for the remainder of his life.

The Norwegian adventurer thought the constructions were similar to other stepped-pyramids he had seen on his past travels. He theorized that they had been built at a time when people were traversing the oceans and that a link existed between the pyramid building cultures of Egypt and those of Central America. He also thought it was possible that the Guanches, who lived on Tenerife before the Spanish Conquest, might have been responsible for building the pyramids.

Geometry :

The best-known complex of the islands are the six step pyramids on the island of Tenerife. They are located in the town of Güímar, on the eastern shore, about 40 kilometres (24 miles) south of the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The pyramids reach a maximum height of twelve metres and are part of a larger complex, that incorporates platforms and enclosures, the latter apparently used to house goats, which were offered in sacrifice and apparently smeared on sections of the complex.

When we look at the pyramids individually, stairways ascend from a level plaza to the top of each pyramid, where there is a flat summit platform covered with gravel. The stairways are all on the western side, suggesting a ceremonial purpose, because someone ascending to the pyramids’ summits on the morning of the solstice would be “welcoming” the rising sun a very religiously significant act. Descending the stairs at night would say “farewell” to the setting sun. Here, because of their location of the complex, the sun is seen to rise out of the waters, making it even more significant.

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