The Pyramid Village of Keila-Joa”


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Pyramid Power

The term “Pyramid Power” started to spread in the 1970’s among New Age movements.
“Pyramid Power” refers to supernatural or paranormal properties of the shape of a pyramid and the ancient Egyptian pyramids. With this power, model pyramids are said to preserve food, sharpen or maintain the sharpness of steel, improve health, function as a thought-form incubator, trigger sexual urges and cause other dramatic effects.

It was claimed that because of this power the bodies, in the ancient Egyptian pyramids were so well preserved and mummified. From the time of their construction, the pyramids have always been linked to ideas about preservation and regeneration. 

It is said that people enter the Alpha State of Consciousness faster and easier when in, or under, a pyramid. A pyramid pours positive energy. It washes the negative energy away and draw down the powers of the heavens. Also, it has been claimed that the concept of pyramid power is symbolic rather than literal, having to do with psychological effects and not physical ones. 

Another contention of pyramid power is “scalar resonance” caused by the geometric shape of the pyramid, also related to “shape energy”. Electromagnetic frequencies are converted by the direct influence of the perfect pyramid shape causing them to harmonise the energy.

Keila-Joa .. a Pyramid village

The village is situated in North-Estonia and has over eleven pyramid-houses and one centre pyramid, also three pyramid saunas. They are still expanding and they have ten building lots. The purpose of the village is to offer the people an harmonic environment to live in, where there would be a possibility to recreate all together a paradise on Earth says the founder and leader of the village “Margus Aru”. The buildings are built in the examples of the Egyptian pyramids, in consideration of certain ratios and placed in north-south direction. That generates, beams and accumulates certain energy fields. 

The centre of the village is also a pyramid house named “Keskus Teheverev” ( the Stargate Centre ). During the day the children go there to play in group called “Teheiepsed” (Starchildren). During evenings the people go there to practice different mental practices like yoga, re-birthing-breath work, meditation, etc. During weekends and summer they have longer seminars for people outside the village. 

The ancient Egyptians built most of the pyramids as tombs for pharaohs and their consorts. The pharaohs were buried in pyramids of many different shapes and sizes. Every year, millions of people travel to Egypt to admire those masterpieces, among them thousands of Estonians. But, in twenty years’ time, the tiny Northern European country will have its own pyramids ·· in fact, the world’s highest. Unlike their Egyptian counterparts though, the original purpose of these pyramids will be regeneration of the local environment. An Estonian architecture firm and a local council are planning to use chippings from an oilshale quarry to build the largest pyramids in the world in Aidu, North-Eastern Estonia by the year 2030. 

Estonian architect “Ott Kadarik”, one of the partners at architecture firm behind the project, Kadarik and Tuur, is brimming with enthusiasm about the venture: “The pyramids is, of course, a catchy and ambitious name for our project”. Kadarik says that the idea is actually quite simple and not overly complicated .. ruling out an ancient Egyptian style, almost inhuman effort. Their firm has analysed the material and concluded that by stacking the waste rocks with four lateral facets at 37 degree angle, it would ultimately form a pyramid shape. Our role as architects is to create a structure for the pyramids, so that we could build them layer by layer and increase their height year by year. Fascinatingly enough, it will be very flexible, so in theory we could slightly change the shape of the structure, over the years. Once completed, the pyramids will be 151 to 152 metres in height, i.e. the highest in the world, occupying an area of 1.2 x 0.6 km. For comparison, The Great Pyramid of Giza stands at 138.8 metres.


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Excerpted from Spiritual India Magazine-Jan-Feb:2014